Pay Per Click or PPC Management

PPC helps users who are looking for keywords relevant to your business. Make your budget more efficient, by paying only for campaigns that perform.

We can Help

  • Develop content based on targeted keywords.
  • Identify how they access your content and which devices improve conversion rates.

Jamie Fortunaso is the Manager of Digital Marketing

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Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization reviews how different content components impact your campaign results.

  • Determine what works, what doesn’t and which campaign elements need to change.
  • Improve your conversions by A/B testing keywords, ad copy, landing pages, images, or calls to action .
  • Provide new content via remarketing for users who have previously visited your website but left without taking action.
  • Track individual keyword ROI by using the Income Access technologies tracking solution.

Reporting & ROI

Reporting allows you to monitor your PPC performance on a daily basis.

  • Understand how your best converting keywords are performing via Google AdWords and our performance tracking software.
  • Spot opportunities for improvement via conversion metrics like cost per click and conversion rates.